On-Site Auction

Advantages of an On-Site Auction!

Onsite Auction

R&T can do your auction on-site!  No need to move your goods. We will bring the auction to you.  Contact us and we will come and meet with you at no charge to discuss the details. We talk about your needs and how our service will work. Usually, we use a couple of days for auction day. We widely promote your auction. After the R&T Auctions team completes your auction we remove any undesired unsold items as discussed in our service proposal.  Our client will receive their auction cheque within 30 business days from the auction date.

An On-Site Auction could be the right choice for you. You should consider the following points. R&T offers other services if on-site proves unsuitable. We would be happy to discuss consigning to our off-site auction as well. In some cases, there isn’t a choice between these two options. If this Estate only had a few items, an on-site auction would not be prudent as bidders would resist travelling to a location with only a modest inventory. As well, if there was no parking, no utilities or otherwise no way to properly accommodate an on-site crowd, an off-site auction would be a better choice.

Advantages of an On-Site Auction:

  • Crowd. The neighbours will certainly be present. Neighbours and friends may feel more inclined to attend your house auction vs further and a more commercial location. Your neighbours always wanted a chance to see your stuff!
  • No relocation. Since all the items will sell on-site, trucking and packing can be avoided. The cost and inconvenience of packing, moving, and then unpacking has been eliminated.
  • Curiosity. Those always wanting to see inside Reba’s house will get a chance.
  • Real estate. If the real estate is being sold at auction, an on-site auction is well suited.
  • Less Damage. More handling while transporting off-site means an increased likelihood of breakage or damage.

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